HD SDI to ASI IP Video Streaming H.265 Encoder COL5111C

COL5111C H.265 Encoder is equipped with multiple video input interfaces (HDMI, HD-SDI) and audio input interfaces (HDMI, SDI, AES, RCA and XLR) to make it possible to compatible with different signal sources. Multiple audio and video encoding formats are available to meet customers’ various requirements. It supports 2 stereo (4 mono) to mix with the video to form a stream output. The encoded program will finally output in TS through ASI/IP port. It is also featured with OSD (QR code, LOGO and Caption) insertion function and can display multiple elements at same time. Operator can insert advertisement picture, own LOGO, special QR code, Text content in encoding process independent of STB. It will bring more profit for product user.

Products Details

Key Features

✔ Support HDMI or HD-SDI input. ✔ Support OSD (QR code, LOGO and Caption) insertion. ✔ HEVC/H.265 HD (with B frame to ensure high video compression ratio and bitrate stability) and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD video encoding. ✔ MPEG1 Layer II, HE-AAC (v1&v2), LC-AAC Audio encoding, DD AC3 audio pass through. ✔ Support 2 stereos or 4 mono audio encoding. ✔ Support 2 ASI input for re-mux. ✔ Support ASI output and IP over UDP /RTP/RTSP output. ✔ Support CC (closed caption) and Teletext. ✔ LCD / keyboard control and web management.


Video Interface 1×HDMI, 1×HD-SDI
  Resolution Input Output
      MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD HEVC/H.265 HD
    1920×1080p@60/59.94 1920×1080p@60/59.94 1920×1080p@60/59.94
    1920×1080p@50 1920×1080p@50 1920×1080p@50
    1920×1080i@60/59.94 1920×1080i@60 1920×1080p@60/30 1920×1080p@60
    1920×1080i @50 1920×1080i@50 1920×1080p@50/25 1920×1080p@50
    1280×720p@60/59.94 1280×720p@60/59.94 1280×720p@60/59.94
    1280×720p@50 1280×720p@50 1280×720p@50
  Encoding HEVC/H.265 HD; MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD
  Bitrate Range HEVC/H.265: 0.5 – 20.00 Mbps MPEG-4 AVC/H.264: 4 – 20.00 Mbps
  Rate Control CBR/VBR
  GOP Structure IPPP, IBBP
  Chroma 4:2:0
Audio Interface 2×XLR, 2×AES, 2×RCA, 1×SDI (support maximum 2 stereos synchronous processing), 1×HDMI,
  Encoding MPEG-1 Layer II, HE-AAC (v1&v2), LC-AAC, DD AC3 passthrough
  Sampling rate 48KHz
  Bit-rate 48Kbps~384Kbps
Stream Input 2 ASI Input for remux
Stream output 2×ASI output ports, BNC interface
  1 IP (MPTS) over UDP / RTP /RTSP, 1000 Base-T Ethernet interface*2 with independent IP addresses (multicast/unicast)
System function LCD/keyboard and web management
  Language: English
  Ethernet software upgrade
General Dimensions 482mm×405mm×44.5mm (W × D × H)
  Temperature 0~45℃(Operation), -20~80℃(Storage)
  Power AC110V±10%, 50/60Hz; AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
  Consumption 15W

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